How to get one

You know you want one.

Stock status:

We have both BitBabbler Black and White devices in stock ready for immediate shipping.

In single unit quantities, the White devices are AUD$199 and the Black devices are AUD$99. The cost of shipping varies by zone.

To place an order, or enquire about volume pricing, contact

You can encrypt mail to us using the following key, which is available here, and from the public keyserver network. Do note that this will strictly limit who is able to read your email here though. At present only one person holds the private key for this, so it will bottleneck who can respond to you if what you're sending doesn't need to remain strictly confidential. Our mailserver will do opportunistic TLS for anything less sensitive.

pub 4096R/125831AE66E70556 2015-11-23
Key fingerprint = 8EAF 7354 2433 9DDD FE83 5628 1258 31AE 66E7 0556
uid BitBabbler Sales <>
uid BitBabbler Support <>

If you just want to know more about the routine details of shipping options, read on …

International shipping

For international orders we have two options for shipping, our normal international courier service, or a (much) slower but somewhat cheaper option:

Domestic shipping in Australia

For domestic orders, at present both fast and cheap actually turn out to be the same option:

Parcel tracking

The shipping status of all orders (both international and domestic) can be tracked online.

Payment options

We can take payment by credit card (MasterCard or Visa only), or by direct deposit to either our AUD or USD accounts.

Domestic payments

For payments from an Australian bank, there is no fee for a direct deposit to our account. For credit card payments there is an additional surcharge for the fee the banks charge us. GST will be included in the invoiced price.

International payments

For payments from outside of Australia, which is the best option will very much depend on the details of what fees your own bank will charge for international transfers. Most vendors won't tell you about this, but we think some full disclosure of this little racket is in order here …

Not every bank does this to the same ludicrous extreme as some do, but if yours does, they will do it on every international transaction, not just to us. So if you're putting in a big order, or are price conscious, or buy a lot of things from overseas, it does pay to check if your bank is one of them, and to shop around for a bank that doesn't. And if anyone ever offers you Dynamic Currency Conversion … Just Say No. It will skim an even bigger percentage again on most transactions to yet another entity who wants to put themselves between your wallet and the people who you do business with.

[ This has been a public service announcement from People Tired Of Banks Strangling Healthy International Trade. ]

In the future we may offer payment by Bitcoin, but there's a few small practical problems with that too. If that would be interesting to you (and you're actually ordering from us) then you should mention that, because the amount of effort we spend on resolving that will certainly depend on the real demand we see for people wanting to use it.

We cannot presently accept payment via Paypal, crates of Iraqi gold, barrels of crude oil, derivative options, or any other similarly reputable methods. Sorry.

Contact details

We need a valid email address (that you actually check), because that is the only way we will try to contact you if there is some unexpected problem or delay in shipping your order. We won't use it for any other purpose than that, and we won't put you on a mailing list. If you include your PGP fingerprint, we will encrypt any mail we do send to it which might contain private information, or all mail to it if you indicate that is your preference. Email to us can be encrypted with this key.

For delivery by courier, they require a telephone contact number in case they have problems getting your shipment to you. We will never call you on it though. If we need to contact you it will be via email.

Other than that, we just need an address that you want your order shipped to, and your billing address if using a credit card (if it's different to the shipping address).

Other questions

For orders and other sales queries, email
For technical queries, email

Having a credit card merchant facility imposes a bunch of legalese on both you and us, so please make sure you read our terms and conditions, since proceeding with placing an order indicates that you've read and accepted them. You probably know the drill, we didn't invent that bit.

We have a privacy policy too, if you want to know what we promise (not) to do with the details you give us here.

If you want to know more about the company where this all started, the Voicetronix website can tell you all about that, in all its only slightly updated since the mid 90's glory. We're engineers who build great hardware and provide exceptional support for it ... Web 2.0 bling isn't quite our favourite thing to spend time on :)